New in May/June 2024: Dashboard Updates, Revamped Ad Details, Report Redesign, and more

New in May/June 2024: Dashboard Updates, Revamped Ad Details, Report Redesign, and more

Dashboard Updates

We're excited to unveil our latest product updates. Our revamped dashboard now provides a more intuitive and streamlined experience for monitoring your workspace metrics.

Overall Account Data Visualization: Enhanced charts and graphs for a comprehensive view of your account data.

Executive Summary: Compare last week's ad account performance with the prior week.

Next Best Action Section: Actionable to-do cards with system-generated recommendations.

Top Insights: Highlights of the most impactful insights from recent reports.

Ad Details Page Updates

We've improved our interface to provide a clearer, more comprehensive view of your ad data with enhanced filtering and sorting capabilities.

Redesigned Interface: Improved design for better data consumption.

Enhanced Filtering and Sorting: More options to refine your view.

Report Redesign

Our best in class ad reporting just got even better. We've added powerful, time saving, and action packed report summaries - along with a dedicated added insights and recommendations page for easier data consumption.

Report Summaries: Added concise summaries for quick insights.

Separated Insights and Recommendations: Dedicated pages for easier access to details.

Improved Image Generation

Our image generation has been fine-tuned to generate visuals that resonate more effectively with specific target audiences. This upgrade allows for more precise and tailored ad imagery - aimed at boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Targeting and Demographic Preferences: Enhanced image generation to cater to specific targeting and demographic needs.

Streamlined Onboarding

We've overhauled our onboarding process, designed to get you up and running faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Multiple Ad Platform Connections: Connect multiple ad platforms during workspace creation.

Editable Goals and Industry Details: View and edit your primary goal, industry, and product description.

Powerful Backend Improvements

For a smoother, faster experience - we've also made leaps in our backend performance with increased asset accuracy and easier navigation for multi-brand accounts!

More Accurate Asset Attribution: We've improved our asset attribution algorithms, resulting in more precise metrics.

New Filtering Options for Multi-Brand Accounts: For our users managing multiple brands within a single ad account, we've introduced advanced filtering capabilities.

We'd Love Your Feedback

As we continue to strive towards our goal to provide you with the most powerful, user-friendly ad platform, your feedback is invaluable to us and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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